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    Austria B & W

    Graz S3005149 20190209


  • Autumn in Osttirol

    Autumn in Osttirol

    Osttirol (East Tyrol) is a region of the Austrian Alps. I visited a friend, wildlife and nature photographer Karl Seidl, during October 2019. Usually I am either an explorer of new locations or a guide to known locations. However, this time I was the follower and Karl was the guide.

  • Salzburg panorama

    Salzburg S1003454 Pano 20191218

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  • Stolpersteine

    75,000 Stolpersteine (stumbling blocks).

    Web M1000283 20191218As of January, 2020 Gunter Demnig has installed 75,000 Stolpersteine (stumbling blocks), each of which commemorates a victim of National Socialism. The Stolperstein is a brass plague, which is installed at the last known address of the victim. The plaque contains the name of the person that lived at this location, the birthdate, the date deported and to where, and the outcome (murdered, survived).

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