• Coronavirus - A crisis not to be wasted?

    Hands S1000326 20190808 2In light of the coronavirus COVID-19 crisis, it will be interesting to see how the managements of large publicly-traded companies will behave. Specifically, how will they treat the workforce, which is frequently described as their most important asset?


    New Collection - Work, Play, Love

    Storm before the calm

    It has become obvious that Covid-19 has disrupted the lives of people everywhere. The three things that present normalcy for many people are work, play and love.

    Consequently, I have produced a new collection, “Work, Play, Love.”

  • Why not suspend all debt payments?

    Storm before the calm

    With the economic crisis coming with Covid-19, why not suspend ALL debt payments?

  • United Airlines - inconsiderate offer to customers with existing reservations

    Storm before the calm

    In April 2020, United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz and President Scott Kirby wrote employees “Travel demand is essentially zero and shows no sign of improving in the near term." They continue "While we have not yet finalized changes to our schedule for July and August, we expect demand to remain suppressed for the remainder of 2020 and likely into next year.”