Auschwitz liberation, 75th anniversary

Auschwitz was liberated January 27, 1945. In this place over 1.1 million people, 1 million of whom were Jews, were murdered. The purpose of this photo essay is to remember those who died as well as those who survived. Never forget.


Auschwitz III (Monowitz) was a forced-labor camp for the purpose of constructing a synthetic rubber plant. Not much remains of it today. A British POW, Denis Avey, snuck into Auschwitz Monowitz twice, in order to witness the horrors first hand. His account is the book "The Man Who Broke into Auschwitz."

 Auschwitz Monowitz L1007917 20161017


The gate of Auschwitz I.

Auschwitz L1007924 20161017


A memorial urn containing ashes of victims, at Auschwitz I

Auschwitz M1006021 20161017


The caption of this photo, dated 1944, "On the way to death."

Auschwitz M1006028 20161017


About 232,000 children and young people were deported to Auschwitz. At liberation, only about 650 were remaining.

Auschwitz M1006044 20161017


Inside the electrified fences of Auschwitz I

Auschwitz L1007946 20161017


 Until 1944, this railroad platform, Judenrampe (Jewish platform), was the site where victims disembarked from the crowded freight cars and were then separated for immediate death in the gas chambers, medical experiments, or forced labor until death. These drawings were made secretly by a victim and hidden in a bottle around 1942-43. The bottle and drawings were found in 1947.

Auschwitz L1008036 20161017


The railroad lines were extended into the Auschwitz II (Birkenau) camp in 1944 to expedite the mass murder, This has been known as the "Gate of Death."

Auschwitz Birkenau L1007998 20161017


Trains consisting of freight cars, each car containing approximately 100+ people, were used to transport thousands to the death camp.

Auschwitz Birkenau L1008007 20161017


After disembarking from the freight cars, those selected for immediate murder were herded to the gas chambers.

Auschwitz Birkenau L1008008 20161017


The way to the gas chambers

Auschwitz Birkenau L1008019 20161017


Those not selected for immediate death were crammed into barracks in horrid conditions

Auschwitz Birkenau M1006052 20161017


Only a portion of the buildings in Auschwitz-Birkenau remain

Auschwitz Birkenau L1007969 20161017


Without visiting the site, it is difficult to imagine how large this terrible place is. It was built for the purpose of killing millions.

Auschwitz Birkenau L1007961 20161017


When the Nazis fled, they tried to remove evidence by blowing up the gas chambers, crematoria and other buildings.

Auschwitz Birkenau L1007986 20161017


Hair cutting room. Prior to the gas chambers, the hair of the victims was cut off.

Auschwitz Birkenau M1006061 20161017


Photos of some of the victims

Auschwitz Birkenau M1006065 20161017


Nature has reclaimed some of the railroad tracks at the Judenrampe (Jewish platform).

Auschwitz M1006070 20161017


Plaques in twenty-three languages are installed near the location of the gas chambers.

Auschwitz Birkenau L1007973 20161017

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