Why not suspend all debt payments?

Storm before the calm

With the economic crisis coming with Covid-19, why not suspend ALL debt payments?

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Leica S3 - First Look

The Leica S3 is the latest edition of the S family of cameras. In 2019, I tested a pre-production prototype. This review is based on the use of this prototype.

I have been using the Leica S system since 2016. Prior to that most of my work was done with a 4x5 view camera. I have been so pleased with the Leica S that I almost do not miss the view camera. I have used Leica Typ 006 and Leica Typ 007; these cameras, along with Leica lenses, enable the photographer to concentrate on the work without thinking about the equipment. The resulting image quality is very high, while the effort of working with the equipment is very low. When a system works this well, how much can it be improved?

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Coronavirus - A crisis not to be wasted?

Hands S1000326 20190808 2In light of the coronavirus COVID-19 crisis, it will be interesting to see how the managements of large publicly-traded companies will behave. Specifically, how will they treat the workforce, which is frequently described as their most important asset?

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