Best little coffee house in Dublin

In May 2019, I spent four days in Dublin before heading to the southwest for a photography project. After arriving in Dublin and checking into the hotel, I needed something to eat. Just across the street from the hotel was Mochaland Cafe, near the Millenium Bridge. After going inside and sitting down, the staff were very friendly and welcoming. The lunch, a wrap, was very good and after conversing with the staff about opening times and meals, I thought this would be a good place for breakfast the next day.

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Remembering fall of the Berlin Wall, November 9, 1989

The Berlin Wall Memorial, at Bernauer Strasse in Berlin, contains a very good exhibition of the history of the Berlin Wall. It is a must-see in Berlin, especially for those who were not yet born or were too young to know about the wall.

 Berlin L1005938 20160618

Expovina 2019, Zurich

The wine boats have arrived in beautiful Zurich, at the lake. It is a fun time to taste wines from around the world. This year it was returning to some favorite Portugese wines, as well as tasting new Spanish and Italian wines.

Zurich M1000260 20191104 2

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