Since I do not not have a cat, I photographed a sunrise

I once read a comment that a photographer wrote about some work he was preparing, that sunrise photos were the cat pictures of landscape photography.

He was almost apologizing for including sunrise photos in his series.

It is infrequent that I photograph a sunrise. I frequently do architectural work around dawn. In those cases, the sunrise is a supporting act and not the main event.

The back story of this photograph is that earlier this week, while I was drinking my morning tea a brilliant red sunrise occurred. It was nice to watch. I then looked at the weather forecast and saw that the conditions this morning (February 15, 2020) were expected to be very similar. Therefore I planned a shoot.

I live in Horgen, Switzerland on the side of a small mountain, Horgenberg. I left home about 06:00 and hiked with my gear up the Horgenberg to be in position. The Lake of Zurich is almost always foggy and/or hazy this time of year. For some people it is dreary, however, I like to photograph in hazy conditions and do not try to eliminate it. I work with the haze to create variations in tonality so that the layers can be seen in the final image.

Since I do not have a cat, I photographed a sunrise.

Konzert flyer Jan2020