Recruiters needed for Brexit investment project

BoyBand S3006433 20190214

Recruiters are urgently needed for an exciting new investment opportunity. The music industry expects to profit immensely on Brexit, therefore a Brexit Boy Band is being created. The guiding principles are as follows:



  • The name of the band will be the Bojos. This is the Brexit answer to the Bee Gees. This band intends to be everything that the Bee Gees is not.
  • There will be no harmony. According to an exhaustive study, Bojos backers are convinced that disharmony is better.
  • There will be no rhythm. The Bojos plan to be out of step with everyone.
  • The theme song will have no verses; only a chorus. The lyrics of the chorus are: “We hate you EU, oh yes we do. We hate you EU, we really do. When you are near us, we're blue. Oh EU we hate you.”

All those interested in being a part of the Bojos, should send a CV to 10 Drowning Street.