Prints for purchase

Web M1007969 20171115Prints are available as "print only" and mounted behind glossy acrylic. If you wish a print on a different medium, please contact us.

Please note that prints will look different than the image shown on your device display. In simple terms, a device display transmits light and a print reflects light.

We ship worldwide. The example prices do not include shipping.

“Print only” is available on Hahnemühle Photo Rag paper. Prints will have a 3-5cm border, depending on the image size.

Prints mounted behind glossy acrylic are available on Fujichrome Crystal DPII Glossy (color) or Ilford Black and White Glossy, depending on the image. These prints are borderless.

We have furnished prints up to two meters long. A two meter print (2m x 1.33m) mounted behind acrylic weighs approximately 20 kg. The most popular image sizes are shown below. For "print only", a 3-5 cm border is added to the image on each side.

Prices are subject to change. If you wish to order a print please contact us.

Description Image size cm Aspect ratio Price
Print only 30x20 3x2 103.00 CHF
Print only 45x30 3x2 135.00 CHF
Print only 60x40 3x2 186.00 CHF
Print only 90x60 3x2 393.00 CHF
Print only 120x80 3x2 606.00 CHF
Print only 150x100 3x2 933.00 CHF
Print only 30x24 5x4 106.00 CHF
Print only 50x40 5x4 159.00 CHF
Print only 75x60 5x4 333.00 CHF
Print only 100x80 5x4 552.00 CHF
Print only 50x25 2x1 126.00 CHF
Print only 90x30 3x1 210.00 CHF
Print only 100x25 4x1 201.00 CHF
Print only 120x60 2x1 417.00 CHF
Print only 150x50 3x1 495.00 CHF
Print behind acrylic 60x40 3x2 507.00 CHF
Print behind acrylic 90x60 3x2 966.00 CHF
Print behind acrylic 150x100 3x2 2,349.00 CHF
Print behind acrylic 50x40 5x4 459.00 CHF
Print behind acrylic 75x60 5x4 879.00 CHF
Print behind acrylic 100x80 5x4 1,494.00 CHF
Print behind acrylic 150x120 5x4 3,114.00 CHF
Print behind acrylic 50x25 2x1 345.00 CHF
Print behind acrylic 90x30 3x1 627.00 CHF
Print behind acrylic 100x25 4x1 621.00 CHF
Print behind acrylic 120x60 2x1 1,233.00 CHF
Print behind acrylic 150x50 3x1 1,443.00 CHF